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Talon Of God

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Dr. Jefferson is not only an E.R. doctor but a preacher’s kid. A new drug has hit the streets of Chicago and has some strange side effects. A patient of Dr. Jefferson’s who does not or never has done drugs falls victim to this new street drug and she is confused at what she has witnessed with her own two eyes. What Dr. Jefferson doesn’t know that her role to help her patients is more than that of just a doctor it and she also finds herself in the process!

What I thought of the book:

Mr. Snipes grabs your attention from the very first paragraph and he never lets it go. This book actually describes what a lot of us struggle with on a daily basis. I am not just talking about how drugs have touched us in some way but how some of us have that doubt or lack of faith in our creator. I for one believe we were but on this earth for a specific job, that there is a higher being and that we will be called to the great beyond when our job is completed. However, I can’t say that this higher being is God or if it is just something we just can’t really explain.

This book will give the reader a different perspective on religion. Mr. Snipes gives his readers not only scriptures but also gives a brief look into why we doubt our faith. Did this book change the way I feel about religion? It has me thinking why I feel the way I do about religion. My family or at least some of them are very religious and I was raised around religion.

Did this book help with some of the questioning of why something so tragic happens to good people? Yes in a way. Thank you Mr. Snipes for using that crack in the window to place a seed for me to plant so I can feed it with knowledge that no matter what as long as I ask there will be help when it is truly needed.

Great Page Turner! Borrow this book from your library, a friend or purchase it just grab a copy and read it!

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