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The DoveKeepers

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Jerusalem has been invaded by the Roman Legion; it was either become a slave of the Romans or flee into the desert and remain hidden to survive. Several hundred Jews walked into that desert without really knowing if they would survive or die. Those that survived the desert made it to the Masada Fortress and would become part of a community that would hold off the Roman Legion for years. Although everyone in this community has strength and courage of their own but there are five women who breathe life into these pages by the hand of Ms. Hoffman. The history that has inspired this book is not lost because it is intertwined with magic but is given a new life all of its own. My favorite character of this book is Aziza because she proves that her gender does not make her useless.

What I thought of the book:

This book opens a new world to its reader, it shows how a woman is treated and how an individual with different markings or beliefs are viewed by others. Even in the year of A.D women were to be seen, not heard, and at a man’s beckon call with no voice of her own. She was not allowed to think for herself, speak for herself and was not allowed to protect herself. Hmm in some ways woman still live like this. However, Ms. Hoffman shows that without a woman back then a man would not be able to take care of himself. Hmm again in some ways it is still like that. This book depicts everything that a woman does is not to obey a man or to serve a man it is to survive and keep her child(ren) safe. Every woman in this story has a lesson attached to her; every man in this story has a lesson attached to him and with each tradition or religion within these pages there is a new yearning to learn more about that tradition or religion. All I can do is advice you to either borrow it from the library / friend or purchase it. Just read it!
Thank you Ms. Maggie for recommending this author and book to me.


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