The Quick and The Thread #1

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The Quick and The Thread #1

Post by Admin on Sat May 13, 2017 8:01 pm

Marcy Singer lives in San Francisco, has a career as an accountant and is the mother of Angus her fur baby. Presuaded by her long time friend Sadie to move across the country and open her own Embroidery shop; Marcy quits her job, gives up her live in San Francisco, packs up Angus and heads to Tallulah Falls, Oregon.

Ms. Singer is a movie bugg in her own rights and has decided on naming her shop the Seven Year Stitch. Her shop isn't just an embrodiery or needle arts, it is a classroom. the new socializing spot and the home of a new mystery of who done it? Marcy decides to have an open house to welcome potential clients and students but what she gets during her open house is an annoying man named Mr. Enright or so she thought. Mr. Enright was the previous tentant of the shop where Marcy has just opened up.

He was trying to tell her something but his demanor scared her abit. After the open house was over, herself, Sadie, Blake (Sadie's husband) and Todd (a friend of Sadie and Blakes) cleaned up they heard a loud thud but decided that it was a trash can knocked over. Marcy and Angus bid everyone a good night and went home. The next morning there was a surpirse awaiting Marcy and Angus; Mr. Enright in the stock room.

Was this the right move for Marcy and Angus, or was it the biggest mistake of her life? Did her friend Sadie have other intentions in mind, did Blake or Todd a man she barely knows? Will Marcy ever be the same again? Will she stay in Tallulah Falls or pack up as fast as she can and move back to San Francisco to beg for her old job back? What will her customers and students think of her shop after this?

The main suspects are Marcy and Sadie but what is the crime? If they didn't do it who did?
What did Mr. Enright have that Marcy needed to know?

All I can do is advice you to either borrow it from the library / friend or purchase it. Just read it!

Happy Reading!

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