Stitch Me Deadly #2

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Stitch Me Deadly #2

Post by Admin on Sat May 13, 2017 8:20 pm

Marcy Singer has moved from San Francisco to Talluah Falls to live her dream of becoming an Embroidery shop owner. Business is great, she has made lots of new friends and is happy. How long will things stay on a positive and joybul path?

Marcy finds that with on untimely, horrific event in her shop has set her shop on a different path. Is that path going to be the ending to her dream or take her on several adventures? She will soon find out but will this mystery actually get Marcy into real trouble?

A complete stranger, who Marcy has not hear of since moving to Tulluah Falls, wasn waiting on the shop to open, and this stranger didn't look very well so Marcy offered this stranger a seat and her chamomile tea. This stranger asks her to find something or someone which is an odd question to ask a complete stranger like Marcy, unless it has to do with embroidery or needle arts.

This stranger ends up falling ill before March can ask her if her request is about Embroidery floss or yarn. Is Marcy's shop cursed or is it Marcy who is cursed? Once again Marcy is the prime suspect. While on her new adventure another mystery has become entangled. Can Marcy get through these mysteries or will she just close shop and return to San Francisco?

All I can do is advice you to either borrow it from the library / friend or purchase it. Just read it!

Happy Reading!

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