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Around the way girl

Post by Admin on Sat May 13, 2017 8:44 pm

Ms. Henson is known for her strong femal leading roles. But do we really know her? When I first saw her in Baby boy I knew any movie she was in I must watch and own. Ms. Henson has a story like so many of us. She was born to loving parents, raised by her mother, lived in the hood and was her own person with big dreams. The only thing that makes her childhood different than so many of us is that her father wanted and was present in her life.

To me Ms. Henson has showed everyone courage, determination, and hustle will get you what you want out of life. She shows us there is more to a person than just where he / she lives, how he / she was raised and wether or not he / she went to college.

Her book gives us a look into her story and how she hustled in a positive way to get to where she is. When reading this book I could see part of my life written with these pages. Ms. Henson is so down right truthful not only with herself but to everyone. She doesn't use or give any excuses for anything and she gives a rough outline how to become an actress.

Like her movies she is outspoken in this book and that is why I'm a fan. She doesn't sugar coat anything, she doesn't act fake to your face, and dog you out behind your back. Ms Henson calls it as she sees it. If you are being grimmy and throwing shade you best believe she is going to call you out on it. She shows her true colors out here in this world and within these pages. Ms. Henson breathes life into any character she plays.

"I was to train my eyes not on the misfortune, set backs, or possibility of failure, but on living - real living - without fear."

"My father may have put the fire in my heart but my mother taught it how to beat. They both showed me by example how to be fearless."

All I can do is advice you to either borrow it from the library / friend or purchase it. Just read it!

Happy Reading!

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