A Muddied Murder #1

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A Muddied Murder #1

Post by Admin on Sat May 13, 2017 8:59 pm

Megan Swayer was born and raised in Winsome a quaint little town in Pennsylvania, she left her home town to become a big city lawyer, her family's farm is in trouble and she returns home. While she is trying to maintain the farm and open a Cafe a murder is committed on the farm. Is there anyway her return had anything to do with the murder and is she the killer.

But what has Megan gotten herself into saving the family farm, watching over Bibi and opeing a Cafe on Canal st not to mention a new found friendship with the local vet; who has become smitten with her. Is there love in the air? Her family has been keeping secrets her whole life from her; now that a crime has been commited on the family farm secretes start to surface. Can she get all the secrets from Bibi and can she live with them?

The main suspect of the murder on the family farm are Megan and Bibi.Can a sweet old lady be the killer? Can a big city laywer commit this crime? Or is there a bigger reason, suspect or underlying issue at hand? Maybe Denver the local vet did it. Megan was at her stand at the flea market when another person was attacked. Does this have anything to do with the person murdered at the farm, is it the same killer, or over the same issue?

I love it when Bibi tells Megan, "You'll learn not to ride the high points or the low points for too long." This is something we should remind our-selves every day in our lives.

All I can do is advice you to either borrow it from the library / friend or purchase it. Just read it!

Happy Reading!

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